The original POPPY shirt

In Flanders Fields 2014 -18

A shirt with a mission: brotherhood of men while visiting Ypres Salient - Northern France - Somme - Verdun and other parts of the Western Front








Cyclists wheel in wheel,

heading up against the wind

for that sharply

curved mountain

As this one rises up from

the surrounding wide and

open landscape, named

'In Flanders Fields'

As if the poppy shirts were not worn by cyclists but by

Great War soldiers climbing out of their trenches...

Rising up from their often nameless graves.... Still

Holding the torch


NEW VERSION AVAILABLE! + bike-short also possible

On the right part of the chest: IN FLANDERS FIELDS 2014 - 18


Superb quality bicycle shirt available for men or women (adapted female models!), created after Tour de France was starting the 5th stage in Ypres. A look-alike shirt with Best Climber's jersey in the Tour, but enriched by the 'Poppies', powerful symbol towards peaceful remembrance. Now the newest version is available as well as a suitable bike-short (black for men, white for ladies, with one poppy-flower on both sides).


Our Poppy-bicycle-SHIRT starts from € 54 (classic model) to €57 (bodyfit model) in our Ypres' souvenirshop 't Iepertje Menenstraat at 100 m from the Menin Gate Memorial, where each night at 8.00 pm the Last Post is celebrated...







NEW! Poppy-bicycle short, also top quality from Bio-Racer, available at €63 in our shop or by ordering by simple e-mail!

Ladies: S - M - L - XL WHITE in stead of black!!!

Men: M - L - XL -XXL

all shipment costs included!

not-European country

Europe & U.K.


Classic poppyshirt

€ 62

€ 59

€ 54

Bodyfit poppyshirt

€ 65

€ 62

€ 57

Poppy cycling SHORT

€ 72

€ 68

€ 63

Shirt & Short

€ 130

€ 125

€ 115