Send us your cycling movies, wearing the Poppyshirt while cycling!

Source: VTM daily news on 11 November 2014 - The original Poppyshirt is a success story and also a product in the Bikingbar in the Menenstraat, nearby the Menin Gate.

Among the large offer of souvenir products in Ypres, the POPPY CYCLING SHIRT, created as a link between the Tour de France-stage in Ypres and the invitation to come and visit the Flanders Fields Region on a bicycle, is a big hit nowadays! Mrs. Brenda Gadeyne of the shop confirms the success of this tasteful cycling shirt, quite  original compared with classic T-shirts. And for those who would try to mention that some Great War souvenirs have too much an over-commercialisation aspect, the British tourists do not agree.

"Everyone is free to enter the shop and buy something or not. In fact, the opposite would be a pity, because we really like to keep a good memory on our visit to Ypres and Flanders Fields. Buying such a quality product is a good choice anyway!" The Ypres major, mr. Jan Durnez, shares the concern of the city to allow only fitting products in the souvenir shops, always with deep respect for those who lost their lives in the Great War, 100 years ago. Our Poppy Cycling shirt is certainly one of those well-approved products!