As a consequence of this 'bloody' Corona era we need a bit more time to develop our newest project: how to support world wide initiatives who invest in MAKE PEACE (not war)? We are true believers of 5 values that in our humble opinion create more PEACE in the world, hereby avoiding conflicts and warfare. From the very moment somebody, especially young people, can grow up with those 5 values, they will participate in a very positive way to a better world. It is our intention to give on an annual basis some financial support to develop such initiatives. A fixed percentage of the sale of the POPPYSHIRT CYCLE WEAR LINE will be dedicated to that purpose. As a consequence of COVID-19 we have a small delay now to proceed with this FOUNDATION. But be sure: it is coming soon! 

P stands for PROGRESSION, technology but certainly also progressive and problemsolving thinking help to make a better world (finding a vaccin against the COVID-19 virus e.g.)

E stands for EMANCIPATION and eventually leads to GOOD EDUCATION: emancipation must be essential in every equally based education, without discrimination, racism. Giving all (young) man and woman equal chances and honest rewards for their efforts as a MUST. No culture or civilisation that does not allow this thought of emancipation as a basic right for all its members deserves our respect. Because inequality = injustice.

A stands for ATTITUDE: get yourself an appropriate attitude to deal with problems and challenges in life. It's not always easy. But believe in what you do, and act the way you believe. Sometimes, when things are getting hard, you might be a bit laisser-aller, you might give it up. Or you think too much as an opportunist, just looking to get the best profits without similar engagement. When looking for a job, the right attitude today is even more important than all degrees and titles you obtained as a student in school.

C = CITIZENSHIP: true citizenship is what JF Kennedy meant in his famous "do not ask what your country can do for you! Ask what you can do for your country!"... Forget about narrow-minded capitalism, nationalism or selfish behaviour, but try to give back to society more than you received from it. If all men should behave like that, poverty will immediately be wiped out and all people would be members of the same 'worldwide community".

E = ENTREPRENEURSHIP: when the corona-virus hit us so badly, it is certainly one of our biggest fears that many people will abandon 'true entrepreneurship". All our profits, all our return on investments crashed at least for one year by this pandemic virus. Our own "Biking Box"-activities shriveled up to almost zero as tourism, our biking events (with LCMT) and the biking bar itself was forced to close down. If we give it up now, it will no longer exist. A beautiful project in which we believed will have no second chance no more. Only if we succeed in bringing all our courage and energy together, may be the post-corona era will keep enough entrepreneurship and secure our INDEPENDENT MINDS! The entrepreneur is not a person that just runs behind flags of populism or mass-manipulation. Keep young folks aware of this, so we will never must witness the change of human beings into robot-acting parts of what ever dictatotorial regimes. 


(Kurt Titeca, May 2020)

"Sitting outside in my self-created garden on a beautiful evening during Spring,

despite fear & dispair for any pandemic virus,

I keep telling my children that the biggest happiness you can find

Is when building your own paradise.

May it be your garden where trees and flowers you once planted are growing green and boldly.

May it be your body, your mind that you develop while cycling or getting smarter with a good book.

May it be the simplicity of feeling the vibes of nature, where ever you may be on this planet. Then looking at the evening sky, with twinkling stars, this beautiful scenery connects you again with our ancesters and all that once gave birth to life.

Together with all stars above we will still sing the song of Love and Life, when stardust is spreading new seeds all over the universe."

JOIN THE MISSION: € 10 for MAKING PEACE (shirt or short)

Still the foundation is under construction... Because of COVID-19 we needed to focus on our own survival first. But in coming weeks and months, be sure that the MAKE PEACE NOT WAR-foundation is about to become a FACT!

Wegens de corona-crisis werden we gedwongen om de MAKE PEACE NOT WAR-stichting even on hold te plaatsen. Het is nu eerst alle hens aan dek om het eigen schip drijvende te houden in deze pandemische storm. Maar wees er zeker van dat zodra we een beetje ademruimte krijgen bovenstaande wordt gerealiseerd! OMDAT HET BELANGRIJK IS OMDAT DE TOEKOMST AAN VRIJ DENKENDE EN ONDERNEMENDE JONGE MENSEN TOEBEHOORT - WERELDWIJD


To be found on many places, onine, on a printed paper or just behind my cycling rear.

Many projects and ideas I could realize until now. But so much more one day needs to be published or brought together. One day... In the mean time, this webpage here can be the start of another big story! 

Vind je op verschillende plaatsen, online of op papier gedrukt. Wielsporen drukken zich af en vertellen het verhaal...

Vele pagina's heb ik al vol geschreven in dit leven, veel initiatieven en projecten mocht ik ontplooien. Maar nog veel zal op zekere dag toch eens gebundeld moeten worden. Deze website-pagina kan een aanzet zijn. 


It's already said here on this page and you find it on other pages: my cycling spirit is meant to bring people together, balancing on a bicycle, sharing stories and ideas, so we learn from each other and feel the satisdaction of a shared journey.

Hierboven al deels uitgelegd, maar je hoort en voelt het op al mijn websites, facebookpagina's en verhalen onderweg... Mijn door de fiets voortgedreven 'drive'en passie is mensen bijeen brengen, onderweg balancerend op onze tweewieler, met open vizier de verhalen en ideeën uitwisselen, zodat we leren van elkaar en intussen de voldoening ervaren van een gezamenlijke fietstour! 

USEFUL/ nuttige INFO

Hier komt nuttige informatie over andere organisaties met wie we partnerships hopen aan te gaan. Ook de namen van betrokkenen in onze organisatie zul je hier terugvinden. 


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