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For males and females

the classic or bodyfit model

Created by Bikingbox Cycletours, also organizing cycling and mountainbike tours in Belgium or across the border...

The idea of making such a shirt only was accepted after having presented a prototype to different visitors to our region, also known as "In Flanders Fields", being our guests. Their enthousiasm was overwhelming. As a consequence of that we took the decision of creating 50 shirts with 'Tour in Ypres 1914 - 2014'. Before we knew it, all shirts were gone. Because the Tour did not stay in Ypres, another version was prepared now: In Flanders Fields 1914 - 2014, which is a larger message than the link with the world's most famous cycling event.

In Flanders Fields 2014 - 18


A shirt to 'remember', inspired by the Tour de France that choose Ypres as departure city for the 5th already legendary stage of 2014's edition. Only 50 shirts were made, but the story did not stop here. In Flanders Fields 1914 - 2014 was the next version. And now we continue with In Flanders Fields 2014 - 18. As an extra accessoire a very suitabl bike-short will also be available (still in production but coming very soon).

Professional classic or bodyfit? Ladies or gentlemen-model?

Classic cycling shirt with respiration area in the armpit. Or do you prefer themore tight version, called Body Fit or Italian style? It does feel a bit special, for those who like it more flashy! Especially the short sleeves are giving an almost bodypaint look around the biceps.  This ones costs only +€3 and is available in next sizes: kids (12 yrs) - XS - S - M - L - XL (Bio-Racer size-chart, see web page 'size-chart').

Of course all models have Male and Female versions!

Look at the size-chart page to discover your male or female size!

Our Bike-short: