A Shirt's History

Part 1.

John McCrae on May 2th, 1915 at the Ieperlee-channel "In Flanders Fields"

From In Flanders Fields 1915 to the Mountains of France in 1975, up to 2015's Poppyshirt 

On the very day his best friend Alexis Helmer (+2th May 1915) died 'In Flanders Fields', during the 2nd Battle of Ypres, dr. John McCrae got inspired by the poppies in Flanders Fields to express his deeply touched emotions.

How nature still can overrule the violence of  war: singing larks and blowing poppies in a destroyed landscape, filled with crosses row on row.

How young men only short days ago were alive and kicking, being loved and also loving...

Finally the very human reaction of the Canadian doctor with Scottish roots: if ye break faith with us who die, it was all for nothing, this sacrifice. More over, the dead will never sleep In Flanders Fields... Revenge, anger? Grief for his fallen comrad for sure!

Dr. John McCrae, himself died of a lung pneumonia in the militayr hospital of Wimereux,, on January 28th of 1918,  at the Atlantic coast or should we say the 'Channel'.

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